Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Google has implemented 2 big algorithm changes to their search engine in the past few years. What this means is website results are now based largely on EXTERNAL FACTORS such as RELEVANCY instead of only INTERNAL FACTORS such as strategic key word placement WITHIN the actual website.

While key word SEO within your website is still VERY IMPORTANT, it now counts towards only 50% of the equation to getting on top of the search results. It used to be 100% of the equation in the past...until now.

Google’s latest updates have been the biggest change to search engine results in the past 10 years.


RELEVANCY means that Google places heavy weight on EXTERNAL FACTORS such as:

1. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and most importantly Google’s own new Social Media Platform - Google Plus (which i will talk about in a min.)

2. Blogs: Blogs are yet another key ingredient to having fresh, keyword rich content as another resource that ties in directly to your website.

3. Business Citations (Backlinks):
Registering your website to various local and national business directories (with company name, phone, web address, company description, company logo, etc...)

The more Business Citations you have linking to your website the more credibility Google gives your website - increasing your ranking on the search engines.

4. Reviews: This has now become a very big influential factor for local search results - having reviews in this order of importance:
#1 - Google
#2 - Yelp (merged with Yahoo Local)

*the magic number is 10 Reviews or more - once you hit 10 you get “on the radar”

So...the more of all of these factors above are implemented into your website, the more RELEVANT Google views your website and the higher your website will climb over time in search results.

You still with me? Good!


Now let’s go back to Google Plus - Remember Google Plus is one of the biggest Social Media influences now. Google is absolutely giving preferential treatment to those using it and linking its profile to your website. AND it adds a photo next to your search results which is much more likely to be seen first on any page.

*see screen shot of my actual website results as an example - notice my result has my photo next to it and no one else does?

Benefits of Having Your Photo Show up Beside Google Search Results:
Seeing a human image increases warmth and trust, and generates a better first impression than the same content without a picture. Since people spend mere seconds skimming search results before they click on one, a picture could make the difference between being clicked on or passed over.
Having your picture display beside your Google search result will:

1. Catch attention
2. Increase authority and trust
3. Establish a sense of connection between you and your reader
4. Humanize your site, which is important in the age of social media

The more followers, likes and shares you have on your Google Plus Page, the more credibility Google gives your website on the search engines.

*View my Google Plus Page to see what it looks like:

The SEO GAME HAS CHANGED...The days of ONLY implementing INTERNAL SEO code to your website unfortunately over because of Google’s new algorithm changes. EXTERNAL factors as mentioned above are ESSENTIAL elements you must have in order to stay in the “search engine results game.”

I have spent the past 6 months studying and learning all the new factors needed to boost website search engine rankings explained. This monthly service will ensure that your website will be up to speed for optimal search engine results.

This process is a MARATHON not a SPRINT...The SEO process is very meticulous and requires strategy and persistence on my part and patience on the part of my client.

Results vary depending on how competitive your key words are and which pricing option you choose. However, initial results are usually noticed within 3 months and will continue to improve over time.

“With absolute and complete honesty...this service really isn’t optional if you wish to grow your business and have a web presence. It is as essential as having a website itself.”


Think of it like this: Your website represents an amazing Super Bowl quality “commercial” and now you need to take this “commercial” that you have invested into creating and invest into some “air time” so people can see it.

After all, what’s the point of investing into such a great commercial if no one will ever see it on TV?

Same applies to a website and having it being “seen” on the web.

Your company website is THE most important investment as a marketing tool to reach your audience and increase your revenue. Search Engine Optimization for your website should be thought of more as an INVESTMENT rather than an expense as you will without a doubt get a RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. (phone calls, new leads, new clients, etc...all from your website)

Remember, SEO is now broken down into 2 Phases: INTERNAL SEO & EXTERNAL SEO so there are 2 Phases to the pricing. (meaning both phases are essential to the SEO Process - you can’t have one without the other) - like “yin & yang” or “salt & pepper”

INTERNAL SEO: $1275 - one time fee (price may increase depending on how large the website is)

Remember, INTERNAL SEO refers to extensive strategic key word placement and SEO coding WITHIN the back end of the actual website for optimal performance. Once it’s’s done. Additional services include:

1. Strategic keyword research & analysis to understand how to better reach your target audience to gain optimal results.

2. Creation of a Google, Bing and Yahoo Local Business Account that creates a local presence and validates your business with a map of your location.

3. Registering and submitting your website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines

4. Adding Google Analytics which tracks SEO progress to see how many people visit your site per month plus other useful tracking info.

EXTERNAL SEO: Will be maintained on a monthly basis
Remember, EXTERNAL SEO refers to extensive strategic Social Media, Link Building and  Business Citations. Monthly services include:

1. Social Media: Creation and monthly maintenance of your Google Plus Account with key word optimization links on posts, photos. Adding new followers and getting likes & shares to increase Google search rankings and overall website exposure.

2. Link Building: Creating key word specific anchor links on other websites that will redirect to your website on a monthly basis. The more links created = BOOST in Google search results.

3. Business Citations: Registering your website with numerous local and national business citations on a monthly basis. The more business citations registered = BOOST in Google search results.

4. Maintenance: SEO Analysis/Maintenance to ensure SEO coding is operating at its peak performance under the new SEO algorithm on all 3 search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Monthly Pricing Options:*
BRONZE: $300

SILVER: $450
GOLD: $600

*custom monthly plans also available

NOTE: With any monthly plan you choose, you will receive all the SAME BENEFITS. HOWEVER, the more you are willing to invest monthly, the quicker your return will be as I will be delegating more time to your project.

*Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly with NO CONTRACT and can be cancelled at anytime.

I look forward to working with you on this essential service which will ultimately generate more revenue and more leads for your company.

As I mentioned before...
“With absolute and complete honesty...this service really isn’t optional if you wish to grow your business and have a web presence. It is as essential as having a website itself.”

I look forward to building your business.

Emanuel Saba
Owner/Creative Director
Austin Seo Services



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